How do I host my property?

Becoming a host is quick and easy. First create a BidNbed account, then read these instructions to speed up the process. Then, click the button at the end of this page.

Uploading your property takes between 5-10 minutes, and goes live instantly!

To make things quicker, here's a list of things you will need:

  • A good title & description for your home
    • Having a catchy title really sells your home, a good title is descriptive, welcoming & brief.
    • The description is the place to describe what's great about your property. Describe the features which make it special, and local areas that would interest any guest that's visiting.
  • The full address
    • This will be kept hidden from guests, with a generic area being shown instead. It will then be shown to any booked guests.
  • A minimum of 3, high quality, attractive photos of the property
    • The first image, the cover photo, is what is immediately displayed when guests search for properties. It should be showing off the core of your property, not your toilet or toaster.
    • High resolution, non-blurry photos work best. People should be avoided in all photos.
    • You can add a maximum of 20 photos, but less is more. Carefully selected photos are better than lots of duplicates.
  • A list of amenities your property has
    • Amenities matter. Take extra time here ensuring that you select all the relevant features your home has.
  • General information
    • The type of place your home is, is it a shared space, or the entire place?
    • The check in & check out information
    • Calendar syncing information, see our guide on the left for how you can do this.
  • Pricing, what's the minimum you would take? What's the ideal amount?
    • Because we allow guests to make offers, it is a good idea to have an amount which you could not take any less than. It's important to be open to lower offers to give your the maximum benefit. We recommend half of your standard rate.

With all that prepared, adding your property takes minutes. Please read our host policies for full information on what being a host involves. Click the button below to become a BidNbed host today.

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